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National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Educational and scientific snstitute of retraining, advanced training and pre-university training

емблема драгоманов


National Pedagogical Dragomanov University is one of the oldest (since 1835) and outstanding pedagogical universities in Europe. Currently, National Pedagogical Dragomanov offers its diverse educational possibilities to more than 16.000 students from all over Ukraine, as well as students from abroad, under guidance of 2.500 teachers, 700 of whom have a PhD degree and almost 300 are Doctors of Science. The number of foreign students grows annually, having increased from 27 people in 2005 to more than 500 students yearly today. The university is located in the center of Kiev.



Foreign students have the opportunity to study Ukrainian or Russian, as well as prepare for admission to higher education institutions in Ukraine. The university provides visa support to students of the preparatory department, support in the course of nostrification procedures, provides places in a comfortable dormitory.

Training is carried out in the humanitarian field

FORMS OF LEARNING: - full-time / distance

TERMS OF STUDY: - 9 months


Requirements for entrants:

Presence of secondary or higher education.

Satisfactory health, confirmed by relevant medical documents.

Documents required for admission to study:

1) a properly issued visa to enter Ukraine to study;

2) official invitation of NPU named after M.P.Драгоманова;

3) a document on secondary or higher education and an insert with the received grades (points) (original and legalized copy / apostille);

4) a medical certificate of health (certified by the health authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived, and issued not earlier than two months before entering Ukraine) with an indication of the possibility of study (original);

5) a copy of the birth certificate;

6) 8 photos measuring 60x40 mm;

7) passport (submitted in person);

INDICATIVE PAYMENT (for the academic year)

40 000 UAH ≈ 1400 USD



The educational building is located in the central district of the capital. Students are accommodated in university dormitories. The estimated cost of living in a dormitory is UAH 5,200. (~ $ 200). 3-4 people live in the room. Living conditions are determined by a separate agreement.

The guarantee of high quality training of foreign citizens is the high qualification of teachers, their significant experience in working with foreign students, as well as developed modern teaching methods. After graduation and successful passing of exams, graduates are issued a Certificate of the established sample, which gives the right to enter higher education institutions of Ukraine.

Contact Information: Ukraine, 01601, Kyiv-30, street Pirogov 9, 3rd floor, room 338; tel. +38 (044) 235-95-82

Head of preparatory department for foreign citizens Oksana Kirkovska

+ 380931123743 (Viber / WatsApp / WeChat / Telegram);

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